7k Metals LLC has earned an A+ Accreditation by the Better Business Bureau.


Contact Information:


7k Metals LLC

3540 S. Yellowstone Hwy.

Idaho, Falls, ID 83402-4703

Telephone:  (208) 314-2587

Web Site:  http://www.7kmetals.com

Years in Business:  4

Accredited Since: 12/8/2016

7k will reach it’s 5 anniversary in November 2021






Purchasing precious metals (bullion, coins and or collectibles) involves risk.  7k and I (as a 7k Associate) strongly encourage you to exercise due diligence and properly educate yourself prior to purchasing precious metals.  The information presented in 7k’s Wealth Strategies is not to be considered tax or financial advise. 7k and I (as a 7k Associate) encourage you to seek appropriate professional advice regarding the tax and financial implications of buying, owning or selling precious metals.  The price and future value of precious metals is based on many factors, including but not limited to market and economic conditions.  Past performance of precious metals is no guarantee of future performance or future value.

Disclaimer:  I am a 7k Associate.  I am NOT an employee of, nor am I in anyway affiliated with the management or operation of 7k Metals LLC.  I do not represent 7k Metals LLC and any information provided herein is provided for informational purposes only to those people that I share the 7k opportunity with and those who join my 7k team. The links and information shared on this site are done so with the intent of providing both people I share the 7k opportunity with and my downline associates information about 7k including: introductory videos; the 7k Wealth Strategies; Membership Plans; SoundMoney Wallet; 7k Share Plan; U.S. Mint links; Coin Grading; Coin and Precious Metals Terminology; Anatomy of a Coin; Frequently Asked Questions; management tools; and more. The 7k web site is the source of the information provided herein relating to 7k. This site is intended to streamline the learning process and to be a source from which one can share information conveniently from any mobile device or computer.   I strongly advise that you do your own research on the 7k website and/or by contacting 7k Customer Service to answer any questions you may have and to verify the information provided  on this site to your satisfaction for correctness and accuracy and that you do not rely strictly on the information shared herein.