Dosage Brand Description
Vitamins  & Minerals
Vitamins C with Rose Hips & Acerola 1000 mg Solaray Immune Support
Vitamin B-Complex Vitamin Code Perform essential and closely related roles in the body’s cellular function
Vitamin D3 125 mcg (5000IU) Nature's Bounty Supports Strong Bones & Teeth
Magnesium  Glycinate (Chelated) 400 mg Solgar Supports nerve & muscle function, promote bone health, vital for cellular energy release, relieve anxiety, manage blood sugar, maintain regular heart rythms,
amplify exercise performance, reduce pain
Amino Acids
L-Lysine 1000 mg NOW  Supports Collagen Synthesis & Healthly Immune Function
L-Citrulline 750 mg NOW  Supports Proein Metabolism & Healthy Immune Function
L-Arginine 1000 mg NOW  Conditionally Essential Amino Acid & Nitric Oxide Precuser
Chelated Zinc 22 mg Solgar Antioxidant, Skin & Immune System Support
Quercetin with Bromelain 800 mg NOW Support Healthy Seasonal Immune Function
Vitamin C with Rose Hips & Acerola 1000 mg Solaray Immune Support
CoQ10 100 mg Qunol Lower Blood Pressure & treat adverse effects of taking Statin to Lower Cholesterol
Resveratrol 1450 mg NutriVein Promote Healthy Immune System, Boost Cardiovascular Health & Brain Function
Alpha Lipoic Acid  200 mg Solgar Powerful antioxidant helps fight free radicals, supports liver functiion, boosts metabolism, enhances absorbtion of certain vitamins, turns calories into energy in the muscles
Selenium 200 mg Solgar Helps fight cell damaging free-radicals, supports healthy thyroid function, helps recycle Vitamin E
Glucosamine & Chondroitin  1500 mg Glucosamine Osteo Bi-Flex (Costco) Joint Health
1103 mg Chondroitin Osteo Bi-Flex (Costco) Joint Health
Turmeric 1500 mg Qunol Supports Healthy Inflammation Response
Niagen (NAD+) 200 mg TRU Nicolinamide Roboside Cloride Supports Aging
Milk Thistle Extract 300 mg NOW Detox & Liver Support
Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Krill Oil) 500 mg Kirkland Signature  Omega-3 plus Astaxanthin Supports Healthy Heart
Standardized Saw Palmetto  320 mg Trunature Prostrate Plus  Prostrate and urinary tract health
Luteolin 100 mg Nuticost Multiple biological effects such as anti-inflammation, anti-allergy and anticancer, functions as an antioxidant
Fisetin 100 mg Doctor's Best inflammation and potential caner prevention
Beet Root 1000 mg Sukperbeets capsules Supports healthy blood pressure, circulation, and increased Nitric Oxide
NAD (Tru Naigen) 300 mg Tru Niagen  NAD is an essential building block during energy production. But we lose up to 50% of our NAD levels between the ages of 40 and 60.