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With a Premium Membership you can buy coins, gold and silver bullion at dealer direct prices, no minimum” and no maximum.  

When you sign up for your Premium Membership you will be sent one (1) Gem Uncirculated MS 70Coin.  I received a 1 oz MS 70 Krugerrand Silver Coin with my Premium Membership.  



With your Standard Membership you have a personal 7k web site page ( where you can go to purchase products and login to your SoundMoney Wallet.  



There is a $2,000 limit when purchasing Products from the Products Page.  This is perfect for members that want to buy limited quantities of Specialty Coins, Gold Coins, Silver Coins, tubes, Generic Gold or Silver Bars, etc.  To purchase larger quantities these purchases are made by logging into your SoundMoney Wallet.

You have access to the SoundMoney Wallet (a digital wallet for cash and precious metal), where you can purchase Gold and Silver Bullion from cash that is transferred to your SoundMoney Wallet Cash Account.  When you purchase Silver and Gold through the SoundMoney Wallet you are purchasing American Silver Eagles and American Gold Eagles and your purchases are automatically stored in your SoundMoney Wallet.  7k is not required to report your purchases of American Silver Eagle and/or American Gold Eagle coins to the IRS and you are also not charged sales tax on purchases you make through your SoundMoney Wallet. You can also choose, if you like, to transfer Gold and Silver from your SoundMoney Wallet to be shipped to directly to you. 

A Premium Membership is $499 per year.  

To retain an “Active” Status you need accumulate a minimum of 15 points each month. Learn more about how Points are earned.

When you log in to your 7k Account and go to the Products Page you will see which items carry points and which do not.   There are two ways to accumulate points.  As you or anyone on your team (people that you have introduced to 7k) sells potential customers the 7k Membership, you earn 50 points per standard Membership and 150 points per premium membership.  Members will also purchase 7k products that carry points, such as collectible coins, graded coins, and jewelry.  Products that have points are clearly marked in the shopping cart.  When you, or anyone on your team, purchases these products, you earn points (Products in the shopping cart typically carry 2-30 points, gold and silver purchased at direct dealer prices do not cary any points).  

One of the ways to obtain the 15 points necessary each month to stay “Active” is to enroll in one of three AutoSaver Plans (listed below).


  • The “Basic” AutoSaver Plan is $105/mo plus a 3% Processing Fee and Shipping of $7.99 and carries 15 points (which satisfies the monthly required points to remain an Active Member). You will be shipped one (1) 7k labeled Specialty Series MS 70 Silver Eagle or standard 7k labeled Silver Eagle to your door every month.


  • The “Variety” AutoSaver Plan is $139/mo plus a 3% Processing Fee and Shipping of $7.99 and carries 24 points.  You will be shipped a different MS 70 or equal coin to your door every month.


  • The “Specialty” AutoSaver Plan is $179/mo plus a 3% Processing Fee and Shipping of $7.99 and carries 20 points.  You will be shipped fractional gold in a graded collectible series (see below) shopped to your door every month.  


With the AutoSaver Plan of your choice you will automatically retain your “Active” Membership status every month while at the same time collecting a new coin every month whether or not you purchase additional coins or bullion.


AutoSaver Plans




Membership Plans – Join Now









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