Predictions are just that…predictions.  Analysts are not always on target as events or circumstances change.  Their forecasts may be right on the money or off the mark due to circumstances and events that take place in the future.  No one can see into the future.  That being said, I believe that there is value in knowing what industry analysts are predicting based on the key factors that have the the biggest impact on the price of Silver.   Knowing what the analysts are predicting can can be useful in formulating an informed investment strategy.



Economic Factors and potential impact on Silver Prices:


Factor: High Demand for Physical Metal

Result:  Higher Silver Price


Factor:  Industrial Demand

Roughly half of all silver goes toward a variety of industrial applications (and another third to jewelry). Demand from industrial users usually doesn’t fluctuate all that much, but the next four years is likely to see a substantial increase due to Biden’s “green” policies. That’s because silver is a key component in many green technologies. Since it is most the most conductive of the metals, it is vital to making green technologies what they are.

Result:  Higher Silver Price


Factor:  Investment Demand

The factor that has the biggest impact on the silver price at any time is not industrial demand or jewelry demand. It is investment demand.Investment demand for physical metal has never been higher!  If investment demand—the biggest impact on the price— continues to rise as is projected, the silver price will increase…


Result:  Higher Silver Price







Note:  I am not a financial advisor and it is not my intention to give financial advice.  I believe that when contemplating investment decisions and strategies that one should make every attempt to be as informed as possible, including researching multiple sources of information, evaluating the pros and cons and seeking the advise of qualified financial advisors as it relates to their investment decisions.


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