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What do I get for Premium Membership?   (Recommended)

  • 1 Year Membership
  • Advantage Rewards Program
  • Access to Exclusive Low Mintage Collectibles
  • One 1 oz MS70 Silver Coin
  • One 1 oz Silver Bullion Coin
  • Buyer’s Certification Training
  • Collector’s Training













These are the coins I received when I signed up!  I received two additional PCGS MS70 FS Krugerrands and two additional 1oz generic silver round for signing up two additional Standard Memberships.  That is a total of three (3) 3 1oz Krugerrands and One (1) 1oz generic silver round.  They came the next day FedEx delivery.


How does the 7k Auto Saver Program Work?


Basic $105 per month

7k ships to your door a 7k Exclusive Collection MS70 Silver Eagle or standard 7k labeled MS 70 Silver Eagle every month.

They run different labeled series like the U.S. 50 State series for this tried and true collectable.

This option features the steady-as-she-goes and most popular colleable coin that has proven to be a great long term value.


Variety $139 per month

This will be quite the show case when you are finished.  MS70 coins that tell a story from start to finish delivered to your doorstep every month.


Specialty $179 per month

Bold and rare Silver collectable coins are 7k’s specialty.  With this option you will get a mix of both sent to your door every month.

*May change based on Silver & Gold Spot Prices



How do I get Paid?


After you establish your Annual Membership, you sign up two people.  These are referred to as your “two legs” comprised as a “right leg” and a “left Leg”.  When you sign up additional members you place them under either your “right leg” or your “left leg”.  Once you have 5 additional members signed up under each “leg” (a total of 10 additional members) you become an ASSOCIATE MEMBER and earn a commission check of $500 per week (see chart below).

For every person you tell and they decide that they want to become a member 7K gives you points.  You also receive points when any of those people decide to buy one of 7K’s collectable coins or bullion.  The points will be split between two teams.  When you have accumulated 500 points on your left team and 500 points on your right team 7K sends you $500.











Can I choose which side my members are placed?

Absolutely! All new personally enrolled teammates, upon enrollment, will go into a “holding tank” that can be found in your backoffice profile. You then have 36 hours to choose which team (side) you would like your new member placed.

You do not have control where members you did not personally sponsor are placed.

Failure to place your new member manually within this 36 hour time period will result in an automatic placement as determined by your default setting. You can update your default team (side) at any time within your backoffice profile.

In order to properly run commissions, all members within “holding tanks” each Saturday at 11:59 PM MT are automatically placed to your default team (side) if not manually placed previously.












Why 7k?


Do you have to Be a Member to Purchase Products?

No.  Even though you get better prices and many more benefits as a member, you can just check out as a guest if you like, however, you are missing out on the opportunity to create future cash flow and residual income…not to mention paying more for the product!

Do AutoSavers pull from my Sound Money Cash balance?

AutoSaver transactions will pull from the Sound Money Cash balance, if there is enough to cover the transaction. If not, it defaults to the credit card on file. We do this to save you money on your AutoSaver! There are no fees to pay with Sound Money, while credit cards require an approximately 3% processing fee.

Are my Sound Money Wallet assets fully insured?

Yes, all assets kept in Sound Money Wallet and Vaults are fully insured.

Are there any daily, weekly, monthly or annual transaction limits inside soundmoney™ wallet?

There are currently no transaction limits inside the soundmoney™ wallet platform.

Are there any storage fees when I have gold and silver in my Sound Money Wallet?

Not until you reach pro-level and have a combined asset value of more than $25,000. After that, the fees are industry best. Besides, you get the advantages of private vaulting, and you don’t have to spend thousands on a safe!

Are there fees to use the Sound Money Wallet?

Purchasing, funding, and member to member transfers are FREE! Our only fee is a simple $5 when you transfer cash out of soundmoney™ wallet.

There is no fee to transfer your gold or silver assets back to cash. All transfers are based on the current buy back price.

If you would like the gold or silver assets in your soundmoney™ wallet physically shipped to you, you will be charged for shipping and handling.

Apart from Autosavers and Enrollments, where else can these qualifying points come from?

Some of our products carry points and some do not. When you are logged into your back office, each product will specify if it carries points or not.

Any products purchased that carry points will accummulate towards the 15 qualifying points needed to remain “Active”.


What are my options for receiving the coins and bullion?

You have the choice of either receiving shipment of your coins and bullion direct to your door where you can keep physical possession of your gold and silver OR you can store your purchase in the 7k private vault. 7k has partnered with a state of the art private vault where you can store your precious metals at extremely discounted rates so you know they are safe and sound. You can choose to have them sent to your door from the vault at any time.


Are there Minimum and/or Maximum purchase requirements?

7k has created a membership that allows you to get the best value.  When you decide to become a member you will be able to buy gold and silver bullion at some of the best prices around.  No minimums.  No maximums.  You can invest in coins and bullion that appeals to your investment strategy.  7K also offers a program that allows you to put your savings on autopilot.  7K experts hand select a valuable collectable coin every month and they send it straight to your door.  Save on bullion.  Save for your future.


Can I have the precious metals I purchase sent to me at any time?

Yes! The minute you decide you want your metals in hand, we will run to the vault and carefully start packing it up. Unlike some other companies who claim to offer this service then make you wait six weeks while they find the metal, we already have it and it will be on it’s way to your doorstep immediately.

Are 7k coins LBMA certified gold and silver?

Yes.  7k buys from the most reputable suppliers in the industry.  Their coins are legal tender and have been graded by the PCGS (Professional coin Grading Service) or the NCG (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation).


Simply transfer your gold or silver assets back to cash! Sound Money will purchase the metal back from you at the posted buyback rate plus a small fee. More convenient than dealing with gimmicks, shipping, and all the time back and forth, trying to sell back metals the traditional way.










7k Contact Information:

7k Metals LLC | 3540 S. Yellowstone Hwy., Idaho Falls, ID 83402-2587 | (208) 314-2587 |

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