7k METALS offers gold and silver coins; gold and silver bullion at dealer direct prices, with no minimum and no maximum.

I don’t know about you but I am concerned that we live in time of great economic uncertainty.

Gas prices have increased dramatically in the past six months along with food and other consumer goods, inflation is on the rise and the purchasing power of the dollar is declining.

The government is spending trillions upon trillions of dollars on deficit spending to prop up the economy, provide economic relief due to the COVID 19 shut-downs, and fund  out of control spending agendas.  All of this massive spending is fueled by currency that is literally created out of nothing.

Unlike the dollar prior to 1971 which was backed by Gold, these dollars are not backed by anything but a promise of value by the government (called Fiat Dollars). I like to think of it as Monopoly money.

The more currency they “print”, the purchasing power of the dollar declines.  This is what is referred to as “inflation”.

If the world loses confidence in the value of the dollar this whole house of cards could come crashing down.  There are rumors of a “financial reset”.

As a real estate broker I have always felt that real estate was a great long-term investment…and I still do.  That being said, the current market in my area of Southern California is experiencing very low inventory of houses for sale and extremely high consumer demand. This high demand and competition among buyers is causing prices to soar.  If history repeats itself there will be an “adjustment” where these values settle downward.  Many people buying at the high end of the market will find themselves paying on high mortgages for a home that has appreciably declined in value.  Eventually it will swing back the other direction but how long that will take is anyones guess.  Unless a buyer can find a sweet under-market deal I personally don’t think this is the best time to be buying real estate.

Additionally, if one is highly invested in the stock market a potential collapse of the market could have a devastating impact on your personal financial situation.








Whatever your investment strategy is, you may want to consider investing a portion of your  portfolio in gold and silver.

What if I told you that in addition to investing in gold and silver, that you could potentially create residual income by sharing the 7k platform with your loved ones, friends and associates?

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I  don’t know about you but an extra $500 to $7,000 a week in additional income would have a significant impact on my personal lifestyle!


Learn how you can protect your wealth by investing in Gold and Precious Metals like Silver and build a business that will generate residual income!



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Note:  I am not a financial advisor and it is not my intention to give financial advice.  I believe that when contemplating investment decisions and strategies that one should make every attempt to be as informed as possible, including researching multiple sources of information, evaluating the pros and cons and seeking the advise of qualified financial advisors as it relates to their investment decisions.
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